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    Toimitus: 10 arkipäivä(ä)
    Bamboo Ink Plus, Black, stylus
    Varenr.: 92089
    • 98,65  EUR (ALV ei sisäänlaskettuna)
    Toimitus: 10 arkipäivä(ä)
    Bamboo Ink, 2nd, Gray, stylus
    Varenr.: 92090
    • 59,19  EUR (ALV ei sisäänlaskettuna)
    Toimitus: 14 arkipäivä(ä)
    Wacom Bamboo Alpha 2
    Varenr.: 92082
    he BambooTM Alpha is an affordable stylus for navigation on touchscreens. It delivers a natural writing experience with balanced in-hand feel and a new premium design featuring an ergonomic aluminum body, laser-engraved logo and a pen clip that is both minimal and functional. The Bamboo Alpha is made of durable materials with a new nib designed for longevity and to feel better on screen
    • 17,84  EUR (ALV ei sisäänlaskettuna)
    Toimitus: 14 arkipäivä(ä)
    Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3 Light Blue
    Varenr.: 92092
    Natural writing and making ideas on iPad and iPhone
    Bamboo Fineline is a smart stylus with pressure sensitivity designed for natural writing on iOS touch devices. It’s perfect for authentic writing, note taking and capturing ideas on your iOS touch device. Bamboo Fineline also works with older iPad generations featuring Bluetooth®.

    Facts & Features

    - Natural writing with pressure sensing and comfortable triangular design
    - Smart features when paired with leading notetaking apps
    - Time-saving customizable shortcut button
    - Retractable tip
    - Write with leading notetaking apps when paired

    What's Inside

    - Bamboo Fineline
    - Quick start guide
    - Micro USB cable
    • 68,92  EUR (ALV ei sisäänlaskettuna)
    Toimitus: 14 arkipäivä(ä)
    Wacom Bamboo Ink, smart stylus
    Varenr.: 92088
    Smart stylus optimized for Windows Ink
    The more intuitively you can capture your thoughts and ideas, the better. Just pick up your Bamboo Ink to jot down anything in the Windows Ink Workspace that comes to your mind.
    • 78,78  EUR (ALV ei sisäänlaskettuna)
    Toimitus: 14 arkipäivä(ä)
    Wacom Bamboo Stylus Duo4 Black
    Varenr.: 92084
    The fourth-generation BambooTM Stylus duo give you the smoothest pen-like experience on touch screens - whether you write, doodle or navigate. That's because of their perfect in-hand balance and their unique and responsive carbon fiber nib.
    • 32,43  EUR (ALV ei sisäänlaskettuna)
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